BEST BODY BY YOU:- A POEM BY TOYOSI OLOWE (lyricalpoetblog.wordpress.com)


My amazing and talented friend/poet created a blog post that describes what your ‘Best Body’ is. We hope that this poem inspires and informs you about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and setting goals for yourself.

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💪 Best body by You.

So today I woke up and realised

That I don’t need to be anyone else but ME.


The day you come to this realisation…

Is the day your mind

will be set FREE


…Of persistent criticism.

First start with

Mind Surgery


Of these unending flaws

That no one else

can see ?


But YOU! 

Tweak your perspective

And set your goals

Get rid of your

physical woes


You are, your biggest


But you can also be

your number one



Start with a plan.


To eat better and

Live better

And start loving you


Renew your mind

And your body,


Follow through.


So call me confident

Or call me vain?

But you would be


To say I’m any less

than I need to be


Best body by ME


I set my physical goals:


Get that tummy tight

Make sure my legs are right


Squat- squat- squat

Keep my derrière up

Crunch- crunch- crunch

Get rid of that belly munch

Sweat- sweat- sweat

Make sure I’m a triple threat


Soul And 





But the day I learnt to let go

Of my Constant Critic


And replaced it

With the Sweet Rhetoric

Of Why?

How ?


Is how

I became this Gem!


And you also have great potential

Your body is special.

So accept that you have …

The best body for you.

Set goals

And watch this come true !


Best body for me.

And the

Best body for you.


Starts with acceptance,

Acceptance of you…

  • Author: Toyosi Olowe

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Bry xx

Toyosi xxx