After receiving a few messages from people over the past couple of months about how to tackle their bloating and after experiencing the occasional bloat myself, I figured that it would be essential to make this post. Many people experience bloating on a regular basis. I certainly do! No matter how many crunches I do, my lower belly pooch refuses to budge at times. It wasn’t until after I saw a post by one of my favourite personal trainers and fitness bloggers, Get Bodied By J,  that I realised that I wasn’t alone.



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(Source:- @getbodiedbyj instagram).

Seeing her post taught me that as fit as you are, you can experience bad bloating and as the picture above shows, bloating is no joke! So as I like to do with other nutrition and fitness related topics, I researched the causes of bloating and how it can be managed. Through following guidelines from fitness experts and through monitoring my body, I managed to get rid of my bloat in just 3 DAYS!! I, therefore, felt the need to share this with all my subscribers. I hope you find this post informative!

Disclaimer- For more detailed fitness and nutritional advice, see an expert.


i. Why do we experience bloating?

  1. Overeating– Over-sized portions, still eating when we are full and eating when you are not hungry are the biggest causes of bloating.
  2. Eating the wrong foods Eating too many processed foods, junk foods and refined sugars. Eating too many fatty foods, which take longer to digest, keeps the stomach full and swollen for longer. Also, eating a lot of salty foods causes you to bloat.
  3. Dehydration Not drinking enough water will cause your body to hold onto any water weight to make up for its thirst. This therefore causes bloating.
  4. Your period- During your period, fluctuating hormones lead to fluid retention which can lead to swelling and uncomfortable bloating.
  5. Other Other serious causes may be health related and linked to disease or illness. (Consult with your GP for more information).

ii. How I got rid of my bloating in just 3 days!

  1. Lowering my carb intakeI reduced my intake of breads, pasta, rice and other starchy foods. Instead I ate more fruit, vegetables and other naturally fibre-rich foods, such as lentils. I ate Bran Flakes with oat milk for breakfast as well. This was an important contribution as it aided my digestion throughout the day.
  2. Portion control- If you’ve read my blog before, you will know how important portion control has been for me in reducing bloating. Eating smaller portions, especially stopping when you are satisfied, prevents your belly from swelling after a meal. Read my blog post here for more details on HOW I LOST 3 INCHES AROUND MY WAIST IN 1 WEEK through portion control.
  3. Increasing my water intake Drinking water allowed me to rehydrate my body, which then flushed out the junk in my system and left me feeling less bloated.
  4. Green tea 3 times a day Green tea aids digestion. Drinking green tea after your meals therefore allows food to exit your body quicker. This means that your bloating is reduced at a quicker pace than without the tea.
  5. Avoiding processed food Processed foods are filled with tons of salt, sugar and fats which lead to bloating. I avoided these completely and tried to eat as “wholly” as possible.

For a diet guideline that will mitigate and reduce bloating, click here.



I hope this post was helpful and if you are a fellow bloat sufferer, share your bloat stories with me and share this post!

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