Sticking with the theme of lifestyle changes from my last post, this week’s post is about dairy-free alternatives. Increasingly, new dairy-free options are becoming more widely available and integrated into people’s lifestyles. I, personally, decided to reduce my dairy intake after discovering some research on how dairy is linked to acne. After testing out the dairy-free lifestyle, I soon started to notice that the amount of acne I was getting started to reduce and I started to feel less bloated as well. Of course, dairy is an essential part of a balanced diet and I would advise that anyone that wants to completely cut dairy out of their diet for non-medical reasons should consult a nutritionist.

My first encounter with dairy-free options started with milk. Non-dairy milks, such as almond and coconut milk have become more popular over the years. I tried almond milk for a while but felt that the nutty flavour was too overpowering. Then I tried coconut milk which had the same effect. I tried soy milk and although I found that it was a more neutral taste than coconut and almond milk, I found it to be too light. Finally, I settled on oat milk. This milk is made from three ingredients- oats, water and sea salt. It has a very neutral and slightly sweet flavour and it goes well with any cereal or smoothie. Now, I tend not to opt for dairy milks as I genuinely enjoy the lighter flavour of oat milk better. It is definitely a swap that I can maintain for life.

The second swap I did was with yogurt. Although I’m not that big of a yogurt eater, I recently decided to give soy yogurt a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was. It had a sweet flavour with an added kick. I actually enjoy it quite a lot and wouldn’t mind buying it instead of dairy yogurt. But seeing as I don’t eat yogurt that often, I wouldn’t mind just sticking to dairy options as long as they are low in sugar.

The one swap I’m not sure I will ever be able to make is with cheese. I love cheese so much! The different varieties, textures, and flavours are so unique that it is actually quite difficult to imagine a life without this vital ingredient. Although dairy-free “cheeses” exist, I am quite sceptical as they are made with artificial ingredients and some barely even taste like cheese. Maybe one day I will be able to make the swap, who knows. I 100% know that the day is not today, nor will it be tomorrow, nor in 2017. Haha.

I hope you liked this post and you give some of these dairy-free options a try!

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