This is probably the most exciting post I have done so far in my 2 and a half years of blogging. BBBB has come far over the past few years. It has had its ups and downs and as a brand, it has been redefined multiple times. I strongly believe that every brand must redefine itself due to changing global contexts and also personal changes and growth. This logo, designed by Social Ghana, is therefore significant as it is not just a pretty picture I will use for my website but it is also a representation of what my blog stands for: Femininity, strength, motivation and achievement.

Your ‘Best Body’, to me, is not an ideal body that society has defined for everyone to achieve. It is not perfect and nor is it just physical. As highlighted in this poem and my about me page, a ‘Best Body’ to me describes the moment when you feel better than you ever have. When endless yo-yo dieting is no longer a theme of your life but a balanced lifestyle becomes your mantra. When your confidence has sky-rocketed to the point where you feel like no aspect of your physical self will prevent you from living your best life. When food is not the enemy and when exercise becomes your friend. When the desire to be skinny is subordinated by a desire to love the features that make you unique. When being strong and feeling great becomes a healthy addiction whilst recognising your weaknesses motivates you further.

My desire, through my brand, has therefore always been to encourage and motivate others to enjoy their journeys towards their ‘Best Body’ and to enjoy the feeling of newness that comes about as a result. Thank you to all my readers and subscribers for your love and support. I do this for only you and the best of my blog is yet to come!


Bry xo