As one of the biggest plantain fans ever, Lord knows how excited I was when I heard that there was a new Ghanaian snacking brand making plantain chips in different flavours. Sankofa is a food and beverage company that is blazing new paths in the snack world through creating “evolved traditional snacking experiences” (Sankofa Instagram). After hearing the buzz around the chips, I decided that I had to get my hands on them and when my box of Sankofa chips arrived, I was beyond thrilled!

The chips are made from both ripe and unripe (green) plantains and they come in five flavours so far: Lightly Salted, Spicy Sweet Chilli, Sweet Cinnamon, Chicken with Ginger and Garlic and Smoked Chilli Beef. The chips would tickle the fancy of any health enthusiast as the brand prides itself in using all natural ingredients through avoiding the use of preservatives, artificial flavourings and artificial colourings. Better yet, the chips have zero trans fats, zero cholesterol and are naturally gluten-free! Does it get any better than that? Well, it does because all the seasonings used are plant-based!

I think the icing on the gluten-free cake is the fact that the chips are made in Ghana. I’m all for brands that are manufactured in my home country and the quality of the chips and the creativity behind the concept really impressed me. This brand, from the packaging to the delicious flavours, is truly world class and the future of the company is as bright as ever!

Furthermore, each bag of Sankofa chips has a special, inspiring and humorous African proverb  in them which definitely takes any snacking experience to another level.





The Sankofa Experience:

Oh how difficult it was to decide which flavour was my favourite! My favourites were definitely the savouries. The Spicy Sweet Chilli was number one as it was one of the most authentic sweet chilli flavoured chips I’ve ever had! The hint of chilli perfectly complemented the sweetness and altogether made a deliciously addictive crisp!

My second favourite was definitely the Smoked Chilli Beef. It almost reminded me of my favourite Pringle flavour – Texas BBQ – but this, of course, was healthier and more delicious! This crisp is slightly thicker and sweeter than the other crisps and I was so surprised that the pack was made solely of plant-based ingredients as the smoky beef flavour was definitely powerful. Coming to think of it now, this flavour is on par with the Spicy Sweet Chilli in terms of my preference. I would definitely accompany this flavour with my guacamole recipe!

The Chicken with Ginger and Garlic was a pleasant surprise! Not many chip brands can get an accurate natural chicken flavour and Sankofa definitely hit the nail on the head. To accompany the chicken with ginger and garlic was a match made in heaven and the lightness of the crips made it very addictive.

Next, the Lightly Salted flavour. Who doesn’t like this classic plantain chip flavour? So many plantain chip brands get this simple flavour wrong mainly because they don’t get the balance between the amount of salt and the texture of the chip correct. Well, Sankofa got it right and I especially loved how thin the crisp was compared to the other brands.

Finally, the unexpected Sweet Cinnamon! Cinnamon is not a commonly used spice in Ghana but this flavour made me want to sprinkle it over a warm apple pie! (Perhaps an idea for a future recipe post?) I really liked the uniqueness of this flavour and the cinnamon was not overpowering. It was a great flavour to complete the Sankofa experience as it was kind of like a dessert to follow the other savoury flavours.

Overall, Sankofa plantain chips win and I would recommend them to anyone, anywhere! The natural, plant-based nature of the chips makes them unique compared to other plantain chip brands and definitely gets an A+ in my healthy book!




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Bry xo