My fitness goals seem to constantly be changing but as of right now, I’ve decided to focus on getting stronger, reducing body fat, whilst adding more lean muscle mass to my body. Over the past couple of years, my fitness goals were related to bulking because, like many fitness enthusiasts, I caught onto the bulking trend. I soon discovered that the bulky muscle look was not for me and I decided that I wanted to look leaner whilst keeping my curves. This post will, therefore, reveal what I am currently doing fitness-wise to achieve my goals. If you would like to learn more about my current routine then keep on reading!



How often do I exercise?

The number of times you work out in a week is down to personal preference. However, you should always bear in mind your personal schedule and rest days. Currently, I try to work out no more than 4 times a week because I feel like I honestly don’t need any more gym time than that. A lot of the time I hit my 4 times a week target but on some weeks I end up doing 3 depending on whether I have a busy schedule or whether I’m on my period. I never beat myself up about it though because fitness is a lifestyle and you have a lifetime to make up for any missed fitness opportunities. I do, however, push myself to make it to the gym as often as I can because like Beyoncé says, ‘I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it’!


For how long do I exercise?

A typical workout for me normally lasts between 45 mins to 1h 30mins. I honestly see no need to spend hours in the gym like some people do. Plus, because I do supersets (two exercises back-to-back with no rest in between) I find that my workouts are higher intensity and they don’t last as long therefore making them more effective.


What types of exercises do I do?

Because of my current fitness goals, my workouts usually revolve around functional training in the gym- HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and plyometrics (jumping training). These types of exercises are incredible for burning fat whilst increasing my strength without making me look bulky. I spend very little time doing cardio, usually 10-20 minutes and I’ve stopped lifting super heavy weights to avoid building too much muscle mass.


How do I spread my exercises out across a week?

Training the same muscle groups too often will lead to muscle soreness, injury or a plateau in your progress. This is why I try to alternate body parts on different days of the week. My workouts are divided into these categories. 1) Lower body (Booty, thighs and hamstrings), 2) Upper body and abs,  3) Booty and abs, 4) Total body. A useful tip is to always aim to workout on a Monday and Tuesday as we tend to be more motivated earlier on in the week and let our routines slip on the weekend. An example of what a week of working out looks like for me is shown below:



I hope you found this post insightful! For my actual workout routines on each day click here and also watch out for updated workout routine posts.

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