If you’re a member of the #fitfam, you’ll be aware of the ongoing debate questioning whether cardio or weight lifting is better for fat loss. A lot of the time when people try to lose fat, they immediately increase their cardio to shed the fat and reduce their weight lifting in order to avoid bulk. It’s not as simple as this, however.

This post will bust these myths and will reveal the straight facts regarding which form of exercises are effective for fat loss. I will also share what personally do to achieve the goal of fat loss!


It’s no secret that doing cardio leads to high calorie burn. You can burn hundreds of calories within one hour depending on the form of cardio you do. It’s also easier to track the calories burned as every cardio machine in the gym has a calorie tracker, therefore giving comfort to us gym-goers that we are contributing towards fat loss.

Cardio is also beneficial for overall cardiovascular health as your heart and lungs work together to perform the movements. This translates into decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease. But does cardio beat weight training in the quest for fat loss?

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Weight training, as you all know, is beneficial to increasing muscle mass. Unlike cardio, weight training allows you to burn calories AFTER your workout as well. Weight training sessions in themselves also enable individuals to burn high amounts of calories which is often a fact that is undermined.

Another benefit that weight training has over cardio is that it enables you to reshape your body. You are able to create definition in your abs, legs, arms and booty due to exercises that focus on specific body parts. This will enable you to enhance the curves of your body and achieve an overall body transformation.

Phototographer- Monia Antonioli


The fact is that when it comes to weight loss, the formula is calories in vs. calories out. In other words, the amount of calories that you burn through exercise needs to be higher than the number of calories you consume despite the form of exercise you decide to partake in. As well as exercise, you need to ensure that you are eating a balanced diet and catering towards your personal calorie intake requirements for fat loss.

For me, when it comes to fat loss, I never avoid weight lifting but rather incorporate more of it into my routine. As highlighted above, weight lifting has a lot of benefits for body sculpting and calorie burn over cardio. Through incorporating weight lifting into my routine, I’m able to see results much quicker.

I also don’t shun cardio completely because as highlighted above, cardio is excellent for calorie burn and overall health. Also, cardio, for example in the form of running, allows me to clear my head and feel happier. A combination of both forms of exercise is what I go for and what has worked for me!

It’s time to move away from the viewpoint that cardio is only for fat loss and weight lifting is only for bulking. It will never be as simple as this!



For more detailed information on fitness, consult a trainer. I’m a certified Nutrition and Weight Management Coach but not a personal trainer. The information in this post is based on scientifically proven facts in combination with knowledge from my expertise.



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