I finally took a HUGE leap and decided to start a YouTube Channel! Now, I am a BIG YouTube fan and spend more hours on YouTube than any other social platform/app. I LOVE watching different videos from healthy living, to fashion, to ‘story times’.

However, I realised that there was definitely a lack of content on healthy living on a Ghanaian/West African diet. As you know, I have blogged for the past few years and shared my recipes and tips for healthy living on a Ghanaian diet. However I found myself at the end of 2018 washed out and viewing blogging more like a chore than an expression of my passion. So I decided to take a break not knowing whether I would create another blog post ever again.

Within that time period, I moved back home to Ghana and was suddenly bombarded with questions on how I could continue living healthily in Ghana. Many people find it difficult, once making the move, to maintain their weight and continue eating healthily. This issue stood out to me and I thought to myself, “Bryanne, why not research into this and create a project along this line.”

At first, I pictured a series of blog posts but then soon realised that in 2019, it takes more than a block of text to catch people’s attention. That’s when it hit me- video! Today, more and more people derive their information from video content as it is the easiest way to get information or entertainment quickly. As mentioned earlier, YouTube is my favourite platform so going from viewer to YouTuber just seemed like a natural choice!

I hope you like the content that I’m about to put out and I hope you find it useful! I’ve delayed its launch, doubted myself and re-strategised so many times but I am proud to finally put out this content that I am so passionate about!

So please Subscribe, Like, Comment and all that good stuff!

Thank you!

Bry xo