The Countdown To X’mas Workout Series!

We are all looking forward to the christmas holiday. What better gift to give yourself than a healthy, toned body? This series of workouts will be released for the 20 days leading up to christmas. The workouts should kickstart some toning. As the workouts are quick and easy, they will be easily suitable for any […]


    Salmon is my favourite type of fish. It is tasty, light and inexpensive at the right stores. It is important to add fish into your diet to release necessary nutrients into your body such as omega 3. As a lot of students lack this nutrient in their diet, I am sharing my quick […]

My Top Nutritional Tips for a Flat Tummy!

62% of women say that the body part that they are most self-conscious about is their tummy. Figures are similar amongst men. A flat tummy can however not be achieved by just exercising. Having great nutritional health makes an even greater contribution, along with exercising. Below I have put together my top 10 tips