Baked Kelewele ‘Fries’! (Old recipe)

Find the updated recipe here. Kelewele is a very popular Ghanaian snack made from plantain. The original recipe is fried. However, as a healthier alternative, I decided to bake them. Coconut oil and ginger are the essential ingredients for this dish. Without them, this dish would not be kelewele. Here is the recipe for this […]


    Unfortunately, a slice of apple pie a day does not keep the fat away. So, I have constructed a healthy and satisfying alternative, in the form of a smoothie, that honesty tastes like the real deal! Here is the recipe:


If you’re looking for a light, low-calorie dinner or lunch that is easy to make, this is the recipe for you! Print SPINACH AND GOATS CHEESE PARCELS Ingredients 120G large leaf young spinach 4 sheets of square filo pastry 50g goats cheese Seasoning Salt to taste Black pepper to taste Garlic powder to taste Instructions […]